Below you'll find a link to all english-speaking AA meetings in Berlin. 

An AA meeting may take one of several forms, but at any meeting you will find alcoholics talking about what drink did to their lives and personalities, what actions they took to deal with this, and how they are living their lives today.


What is the difference between an open and a closed AA meeting?



As the term suggests, open meetings are open to alcoholics and their families and to anyone interested in solving a personal drinking problem or helping someone else to solve such a problem.


Closed meetings are limited to alcoholics and those who think or know they have a problem with drinking. They provide an opportunity for members to relate their experiences with one another on problems related to drinking patterns and attempts to achieve stable sobriety. They also permit detailed discussion of various elements in the recovery program.


030 30 30 66 88
*If drinking is a problem, this phone number can help you get in contact with someone from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The service is provided by LGBTQI volunteer members of AA from the Berlin area. AA members are not counselors. We are volunteers who provide information to people seeking the help AA has to offer. We make our best to ensure phone is answered 24 hours daily, but if it happens that we are unable to take your call please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


If you'd like an AA LGBTQI member to get in touch with you, please leave your e-mail adress and optionally telephone number below: